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Forget everything you know about company culture. Put on your coolest shades, because things are about to get lit.

Beetroot is a flourishing startup in Ukraine that’s doubled size yearly over the past few years. We build teams of developers and designers for companies around the world, and now we’re looking for someone with an open, international mindset to join us for the journey of a lifetime. Beetroot needs someone who’s looking to take their first steps on the job market, to help reinforce our global communication and PR efforts on-location in Ukraine (for a year or so). 

What you will do, roughly:

Your role will be to explore PR and earned (media-oriented) communication opportunities for Beetroot around the world, and to lead and execute in everything you learn. Does that make sense? Beetroot is an entrepreneurial company and our very foundation is to empower individuals and their passion for learning and building.

You would be working as a part of the comms team who will support you along the way (we’re like the A-Team but without the guns, and also everything is different).

We offer:

– Guaranteed unique experience at Beetroot, the Swedish-Ukrainian IT company we all know and love (the love part is not mandatory but over time unavoidable).

– A fantastic and multi-faceted adventure in Ukrainean exciting, growing and optimistic country that buzzes with growth and optimism.

– Personal and professional growth in communication, PR, marketing (and probably borsch-cooking).

– We’ll take care of simple accommodation, travel, language lessons and a symbolic wage for daily expenditures.

What we’re looking for
  • All of these character trait buzzwords: energetic, keen, organized, unprestigious, dynamic, autonomous, team player, and, most importantly, a self-starter. But you don’t have to be perfect. After all, who is?
  • A natural communicator with an understanding of journalism, media and modern communication practices. You’re interested in technology and society, and consider them interconnected in building a better future.
  • A comfortable English speaker and writer. You’ll work with the global market!
  • From Sweden, Ukraine or elsewhere in Europe, who genuinely feels that this would be the most interesting, exciting, mind-blowing thing in the world.
  • You have completed, or are about to complete, a Bachelor’s Degree in communication or a closely related field.
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