Hey there, I’m Luke and I’m heading up Berkshire Direct. We advise and work with clients to bring ideas to fruition for their digital presence—usually involving web development, design and digital marketing.

We’ve worked with everything from public companies listed on the NYSE for full digital overhauls to small local companies looking to improve their web presence.

Web Development Space is Competitive

The problem that led us to work so closely with Beetroot is that the web development space is getting very competitive. It’s hard to find WordPress coders in our area (smaller town in MA) for reasonable salaries that have the skills required for our work. Initial estimations pointed to paying two to three times more for well-rounded coders around here, somewhere in the $60-$100k span, than if we worked with a distributed team.

It’s hard to find WordPress coders in our area, for reasonable salaries.

Working with Beetroot allows us to get these development skills at very competitive rates while also building a relationship with a specific individual. They’re not farming out every task to different people. Even when comparing to competitors in Europe and elsewhere, Beetroot rates are very competitive, which obviously helps our own rates, too. They’ve given us a lot of transparency so that we understand the market factors playing in to define a team member’s costs.

Today, Beetroot is providing a full time WordPress developer for us as well as some part time design work on an as-needed basis. We have developed over 50 custom websites using this person.

Cost, Reliability, and Relationships

The main advantages of Beetroot are 3-fold: cost, reliability, and relationships.

The cost is self-explanatory.

The reliability is important because if our dev is out for a day or week we can be ensured we’ll have a fill-in. They have a large WordPress team to fall back on. In addition, if our dev chooses to move on to another place in their life we’ll know we have resources on hand so our business will not suffer.

And the third advantage is the relationships. Having personally met many of the team members in Odessa I can outright say they are all awesome, passionate, and genuinely nice people. This creates a wonderful work environment for both them and their customers. That being said, using their services you get to create a relationship with a developer(s) and that is great as you’re not always working with new and unknown people.

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