Case Study: Internet Vikings

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  • Service: Dedicated team
  • Beetroot has helped Internet Vikings build a diverse team comprising front-end and back-end developers, DevOps and more – 30 people over 5 years
  • Built a link/API product that collects link information to compete in the SEO space
  • 50% reduced time-to-market on R&D

Together with Beetroot, Internet Vikings built a dedicated team of 30 developers in the mid-sized Ukrainian cities of Poltava, Odesa, and Kharkiv. We asked Internet Vikings’ founder, Rickard Vikström, about the company’s background, the decision to hire an extended team, and benefits that come along with having 30 qualified Ukrainian programmers on board. 


Internet Vikings specialize in web hosting, domain names, and Google brand protection – helping companies make sure their affiliates don’t rank higher in search than themselves.

Five years ago, Internet Vikings approached Beetroot as they entered a new phase of growth and needed to scale development. Building a proactive, scalable team is an important part of reaching company goals. This is challenging in Stockholm — which is a business risk.

Initially, Internet Vikings needed to reinforce their team with WordPress, PHP, and DevOps. The provided skillset has grown over the years and today also includes other development languages, content creators, and marketing.

Building a team

Internet Vikings wanted a high-skill, high-engagement team that felt truly integrated and as their own. Beetroot helped build a team in Poltava, Odesa, and Kharkiv, prioritizing truly great, goal-oriented people rather than turning every penny.

The team has been infused with a strong Internet Vikings culture while working out of Beetroot’s offices. It has been important to make the team operate as and become a real part of the company — a single Internet Vikings company — rather than a fringe unit; the geographical distance shouldn’t be noticeable. The other Internet Vikings offices visit at least each quarter, and people from the Ukrainian teams visit Sweden and Malta frequently.

Internet Vikings have come to trust Beetroot’s ability to deliver, as well as key people on a personal level, and aim to continue scaling the team aggressively over the coming years.

How has it worked out?

Since the cooperation’s inception, Beetroot has played a role across many disciplines of the Internet Vikings business. Due to team size and skill in relation to cost, the company managed to achieve a 50% reduced time-to-market on R&D. Beetroot also provided them with a reliable high potential recruitment channel that allows virtually limitless scaling.

Beetroot: What is the main thing to consider when building a remote team?

Rickard Vikström, Internet Vikings: You need to make sure that the individuals who work with your recruitment are sensible people and that the offices are good — there aren’t any shortcuts. You really should be thinking about all the same things as if hiring locally.

Beetroot: What would you recommend to those companies that are planning to build a remote team? 

Rickard Vikström, Internet Vikings: Be goal-oriented. When you start working with new people it’s important that you meet all together and become one company and one team.

Beetroot: Would you recommend our services to other companies?

Rickard Vikström, Internet Vikings: I would recommend Beetroot to others. I am probably even one of Beetroot’s best salespeople! The reason for this is really the problematic Stockholm hiring scene. I also have a relationship with Beetroot now and trust them. The delivery works.


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