Ukraine’s software development sector is the largest in Eastern Europe, and Ukrainian software engineers have for a long time been at the forefront of global development projects. We help clients around the world build both small and large teams of developers, with nearly any competence requirements.

We understand that the decision to reach out and build a software development team together with someone else, in a different country, requires a lot of trust. It is important to find professional with grit, who fit culturally, who have the right seniority, the right tech stacks and expertise. Beetroot helps guide you through the recruitment process, always tailoring each step to your particular situation.

Who is this for?

Companies that want to scale and are looking for team of developers to join as an extension to their in-house experts, long-term.


Beetroot is an established and well-perceived brand on the Ukrainian IT market.


We have a new approach to people and are strong proponents of self-management: you work and communicate directly with team members whom we hire together.


Our unique culture aims to create a home where people want to stay.


The goal is to build remote teams with passionate, responsible and experienced individuals who can make strong, long-term contributions to your in-house team.

Our development services

We don’t have specialists sat on a bench, idle. For this reason, we can agree on specific skillset requirements together and hire exactly what the team needs. We build dedicated team of developers from the ground up.

Custom software development
Custom web development
Front-End Development
Back-End Development
Mobile Apps Development
Game Development
Database Development
Quality Assurance

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