Extend your in-house capabilities

Beetroot helps you build teams of software developers and other tech talent in Ukraine, joined with your in-house team as one unit. Your teams work out of Beetroot's offices and communicate directly with you.

How we work

  • Recruitment

    Beetroot has nurtured its brand over many years, and today relies on both reputation and our knowledge capital when it comes to finding candidates.

  • Development

    Partnering up with our own IT school, Beetroot Academy, is just one of the ways we work to develop and grow your team members.

  • Retention

    We’re not a conventional company, we’re trying to be a place where people love to be and stay for a long time.

  • Scale

    We have teams of solo software developers and larger 20-50 person teams. We're a long-term, strategic partner.

  • Software developers

    Ukraine’s IT sector is the largest in Eastern Europe, and Ukrainian software engineers have for a long time been at the forefront of global development projects. We can help build a dedicated software development team with nearly any competence requirements.

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    Teams with the following skillsets

    Front-End Development

    • React.Js Developers
    • AngularJS
    • Node.js Developers
    • JavaScript Developers
    • NET Developers

    Back-End Development

    • PHP Developers
    • WordPress Developers
    • Java Developers
    • Python Developers
    • Ruby on Rails Developers

    Game Development

    • Unreal Engine
    • Unity
    • Corona SDK
    • Lumberyard
    • BuildBox

    Database Development

    • SQL Developers
    • NoSQL Developers
    • MySQL Developers
    • Oracle Developers
    • PostgreSQL Developers

    Mobile Development

    • iOS Developers
    • Android Developers
    • React Native Developers
    • Cross-Platform Developers

    Quality Assurance

    • Manual QA
    • QA Automation
    • Security QA
    • Performance QA


    Over the years, we have helped companies build teams of content managers, QA testers and data operators in mid-sized cities across Ukraine. Mid-sized cities, especially, offer a unique and incredibly competitive opportunity for building and scaling teams of different qualifications.

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    Teams with the following skillsets

    • Data &
      Content Managers
    • Lead Generation
    • Helpdesk

    Art & Design

    Art comes in many forms, and Ukraine has a large, and growing, creative industry constituted by creative illustrators and savvy UX designers. We can help you build a team of both.

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    Teams with the following skillsets

    • Artists and Illustrators

      • Organic artists
      • Pixel artists
      • Vector artists
    • Web Designers

      • Sketch
      • Figma
      • Framer X
      • Adobe XD
    • 3D Modellers & Animators

      • Blender
      • Cinema 4d
      • 3D Slash
      • TinkerCAD

    Welcome home

    There's a difference between traditional outsourcing and building a real extension to your team - the Beetroot way. We pride ourselves on a human-centered culture and good employer reputation in a country that's characterized by strong engineering tradition and ambition.

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