In 2005, the University of Windsor published a study, which claimed firmly and confidently that listening to music in the  workplace gradually increases your productivity, creativity and desire to continue working We’ve never had any doubts about this fact  and fully recognized the miraculous power of music long before 2005.

What remains unclear, however, is which exact genre of music is the most successful, which supersedes the others in making you super productive. Progressive trance, electro swing or drum funk? Or maybe good old rock? Or maybe the most unexpected choice – 2-step garage (yes, this is a music genre)? There is a whole bunch of newly-made, vaguely-understandable music styles, which appear every other day. The old crooners also don’t retreat in the fight for a place in your playlist. So which genre to choose? We’ve decided to consider carefully the most popular music genres and tell you how they influence your efficiency.

Rock – Bring out your inner badass

Let’s start with the basics. The time has passed when the society looked at rockers with rolling eye glances. Now the mosh pits are packed with senior managers and highly-paid technologists, partying wildly to their favorite songs. It turns out that not only are venues good for rock songs, but open-spaced offices are a great place for them too. They say rock music is the perfect mood upgrader and productivity enhancer. Listening to a good old rock song will set your pulse  high and fill you with the energy needed to survive until the end of a working day. However, you probably shouldn’t listen to the Highway to Hell whilst heading to a five-hour meeting (particularly if you are hoping to be able to sit calmly for the duration with all that adrenaline you’ll have pumping around your body), but if you need an extra pep in your step on Monday morning rock is the definitely one of the best options. Recent studies by Neuroscience of Behavior and Psychology also found out that visual recognition of letters and numbers will improve when you listen to rock music, meaning, your brain works faster with every other “We will rock you” line.

So, put on your leather jacket, turn on your favorite tunes and let’s rock it!Music Affects Productivity

Trance – A supercharged new classic

Of course, we are not trying to put a powdered wig onto Armin van Buuren’s head (seriously, don’t try to visualize this – the picture will stick in your head forever). But, trance music with its repetitive themes, even, regular and constant structures and harmonies, it’s leitmotifs and it’s instrumental riffs could almost be noted for it’s unlikely resemblance to some of the most classical of pieces that even Mozart would be pressed to not adore. Apart from aesthetical satisfaction, trance can really enhance your work productivity. It has a distinctively relentless beat alongside regular harmonies, which can help you to glide over a monotone task with grace and easiness. Besides, trance being beautiful, its streaming transitions and cosmic vocals will uplift your imagination and move  you onto an immense wave of creativity.

And to finalize, trance music, more often than not, is a five minute track.  Yet you will maybe be surprised to learn that it can also continue for maybe hours or even days for any given piece.  The concept of such a long duration may sound a little weird to you but according to scientists it’s awesome for your productivity.  They believe, after research of course, that listening to an unchanging melody as opposed to bouncing from one song to another is a great creativity booster that will give any classical score a run for its money.Music Affects Productivity

Rap – Da bomb, fo shizzle!

Somehow rap is often left behind on the psychological researches related to music and productivity. You can easily find studies on the effects of rock, jazz, reggae and definitely Mozart (he’s always on that list, that lucky genius rascal), but what about hip hop and its influence on your work efficiency? Fortunately, not all scientists are rap-haters. Dr. Dennis Hsu conducted research whereby one group listened to 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” before entering the business debate and the other group received no music stimulation at all. The study showed that the rap-fueled participants were more confident, energetic and unhesitating than their counterparts.  It was the rap-group that were the ones to start the debates and the ones to persistently support their points of view. Dr. Hsu regards that their triumph wouldn’t have been impossible without the bumping and grinding of the In Da Club song. We can’t help but agree. If you yourself want to feel like an unbeatable warrior, keep it trill and listen to hip hop!Music Affects Productivity

R&B and Pop – Cheer Up and Work Faster

Whereby, there is a distinct lack of studies pertaining to rap, it’s certainly paralleled in R&B . We figure that those conservative guys in their white coats are not big fans of such music and regard it not worthy of their efforts., Yet it turns out that R&B songs can also upgrade your productivity. This fact was proven by the Ford Taurus creative agency. Once upon a project, hopelessly exceeding the deadlines, the chief designer turned on an R&B playlist and unexpectedly caused an  attack of creative thinking within his team. Since that time, R&B became the  official inspiration bait of Ford Taurus. Who knows, maybe it’s inspiring powers will enlighten and inspire  you too!

And whilst on that subject of pop music – lyrics can certainly be distracting.  However, your can  turn on the top 10 pop chart when you’re in the process of cleaning up your mailbox after a week’s absence and pop songs will energize you, uplift your mood and help to deal with a monotonous task faster.  Music Affects Productivity

Classic – Your timeless productivity booster

We can’t avoid it. Classical music was and remains to be one of the most powerful tools to modify your mood and affect your productivity. To be more specific, the most tangible and distinct effect on productivity has the baroque music. Recent research amongst radiologists showed that their concentration, productivity, attentiveness and diagnostic accuracy noticeably increased, albeit gradually, after listening to  baroque music. This effect is also called the Mozart effect. People who listen to classical music during their working day make brighter decisions and cope with their work better than those who don’t let even the slightest dulcet tone of that marvelous violin into their earphones. No wonder, classical music, like a well-aged wine, is getting better year after year.Music Affects Productivity

Electronic music – The best mash up of your day

Remember those weird words in the beginning of the article? Some of the new musical genres actually sound pretty strange (like, experimental industrial, is it a music genre or an architectural project of a new factory, who knows?) However, scientists say that electronic, ambient and even bass music can elevate your productivity to some impressively high levels. In the case of ambient electronic music, like deep house, chillout and lounge, it can turn on your imagination and make your creativity race faster than ever before. Bass and techno are better for energetic tasks. If you have a dozen  meetings in one single day but they are  scattered in a dozen different places, don’t hesitate to  turn the loudest drum and bass song on to hit all the parties.Music Affects Productivity

For what it’s worth,  musical preferences might not be that significant for your productivity. However, let’s not forget that scientific research states that our attentiveness, memorizing capabilities and work efficiency can certainly be increased with the help of our favorite music. The genre doesn’t make a difference. If you hate trance music, no matter how many times you’ll put that track on replay, it won’t make you more creative or relaxed, simply because you don’t like it. If you are a rock soul, though, listening to your favorite guitar riffs can bring you relaxation, inspiration and strive for action in one hit. All we want to say is that music is life. Stay tuned and be creative and productive!


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