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Beetroot Academy launches IT courses in Eastern Ukraine

This coming January, 2017, the Swedish-Ukrainian IT school Beetroot Academy invites residents of Kramatorsk to attend new web development courses in front-end and web design.

Kramatorsk is located in Eastern Ukraine, near the militarized conflict zone, where many Internally Displaced People (IDPs) have sought refuge. Beetroot Academy is a non-profit social enterprise, and our mission is anchored in helping build a strong middle-class in Ukraine – with financial stability and civic engagement. All our courses are very practical and focus on building the necessary skills for a real career. They last for four months.

Ukraine has one of the largest and fastest growing IT sectors in Europe. Its main clusters, however, are major cities, which limits opportunities for the rest of population. Choosing smaller locations, such as Kramatorsk, as sites for the Beetroot Academy network, is a part of opening the IT industry up to more people.

“Because of the strong international connection, working in the IT sphere is a great opportunity for both personal and professional career development. You will find a unique breadth of different people among previous graduates: former seamstresses, geodesists, salesmen, butchers and engineers are a few examples. These people prove that it is possible to build a future upon any previous job experience”, says Andreas Flodström, co-founder of Beetroot and Beetroot Academy.

“We always strive to bring IT closer to those people, who need it the most, and give them an opportunity to build a decent career”, Co-Founder Gustav Henman adds. “That’s why it’s important that we continue to find opportunities outside of the large hubs.”

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About Academy

The Swedish-Ukrainian school Beetroot Academy was founded in 2014. Beetroot Academy concentrates on consolidation of practical skills that are necessary for the future work. With its help, 120 people have to date graduated into a new future in IT, out of which 70% have been able to start a career in IT.

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