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Beetroot goes CO2 neutral in 2020, partners with LandLife

Stockholm, Kyiv — Ukrainian-Swedish Beetroot AB partners with LandLife to compensate for CO2 emissions.

Cooperating with LandLife, Beetroot will strive to diminish its carbon footprint by compensating for CO2 emissions when they cannot be avoided. LandLife has been running reforestation projects in 25 countries since 2013. This partnership aligns with Beetroot’s fundamental mission to impact society positively, in which environmental sustainability is essential.

“As a part of Beetroot’s goal to create long-term sustainability in everything we do and to ensure nothing we do negatively affects future generations, we choose to compensate all our CO2 emissions starting from January 2020. This includes compensation for all our transportation, heating, electricity, hardware, consumables, and food”, says Gustav Henman, co-founder of Beetroot.

After thoroughly calculating Beetroot’s daily operations and the CO2 emissions they cause, LandLife will translate the results into the number of trees needed to be planted in order to compensate for what is lost. The trees will then be planted in the picturesque Castillo y León region of Spain.

“We realize that as a global IT business, there will inevitably be energy consumption and traveling”, Gustav continues. “CO2 compensation is one of the things we can do to help make things better. We are especially excited to do this in partnership with LandLife, a client we know well and currently support with software development”.


About Beetroot AB

Beetroot is a Swedish IT company, founded in 2012, providing IT solutions, building teams of developers, and offering various tech skills throughout Ukraine. The company’s social mission is to create sustainable value for both our customers and society.

Beetroot also runs Beetroot Academy, a well-established network of IT schools in Ukraine. Today, Beetroot Academy is located in 16 cities and has educated a great number of Ukraine’s workforce in IT.

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About LandLife 

Founded in 2013, LandLife aims to restore the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land. The company believes that cutting CO2 emissions and using renewable energy sources, is not enough to stop the unfolding environmental crisis. Instead, we should take active steps to reduce CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, which can be done by planting more trees.

Read more about LandLife here.




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