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Beetroot is up and to full speed again after New Year and Christmas celebrations, we are excited to continue our journey 2017, especially after 2016 became such a good year for us. While humbleness is part of our culture, we would still like to take the chance to brag a bit about the past year’s results;)

At the start of the year, we were 50 persons in total spread over our three offices, Odessa, Poltava and Kiev. 12 months later, our borsch is boiling tastier than ever with a team of more than 150 wonderful individuals. We are happy to say that average employee satisfaction rate scores 95 out of 100 in the most far-reaching public online survey. Thanks to a driven and closely-knit team with far-reaching delegation of responsibilities and high trust levels, we have been able to keep the high momentum up on several fronts in parallel.

We started the year with taking onboard an investment which gave us both some new financial muscles and most importantly a more senior advisory team with relevant input on big and small. During the early months of the year we looked at the whole business, thought through our “whys” in connection with our different delivery models, and put words on cultural aspects, processes, and so on. While doing this, we took several long-term strategic decisions and as a result, we also went through a reinvention of our brand, building a communication strategy. Thus, Beetroot now consists of 4 different delivery units and 3 different brands, Beetroot Teams, Beetroot WordPress, and Beetroot Academy.

Beetroot (dedicated) Teams, our core since the very start in 2012, is continuing to prove itself as a model which offers maximum closeness between clients and their teams, resulting in high levels of commitment and results. We are, in practice, growing together with our clients: existing teams are becoming bigger, but we are also adding many new ones. Overall, almost 100 people are working in dedicated teams for around 20 clients. We have been very happy during the year to see many of our clients taking big steps forward in their different areas, and are excited to be a part of developing world class products. During 2017 we will stay committed to our dedicated team model, continuing to constantly develop and improve it in small but important steps.

Beetroot WordPress, specialized in providing WordPress development services for agencies, was officially launched as a unit and brand during the spring, but with an extensive knowledge base built up in the team since 2013. We have quickly built a young, driven and hungry team of professionals who is helping more and more companies each month with white labelled WordPress delivery of varying complexity. The team now consists of 35 people, including developers, designers, QA, account managers and team lead. Our own Beetroot Academy is an important source of professionals for the WordPress team – many of our team members have been trained there. In 2017 we will continue focusing on improving preciseness, speed and quality in delivery.

Beetroot Academy, with the main goal of helping Ukrainians start a career in IT, took a huge step forward in 2016. At the beginning of the year, we finished the UNDP contract of education in web development for 60 internally displaced people (IDPs) from East of Ukraine and Crimea. Great results. Most of the participants now work in IT. We are lucky to have several of these bright minds working at Beetroot, too.

Filled with confidence from the proven result of our Front End + WordPress course 2014-2015, we decided to take the academy to the next level. We spent the spring and much of the summer investing heavily in our new course menu, now containing a grand total of 4 courses: Front end, Back end, Web design and WordPress + Woocommerce. All courses are based on the flipped classroom principle, where participants receive much of the theoretical base through video material in our own LMS system, while most of the classroom time is spent practicing together with their teacher and group. The practical focus, working with real projects from start helps the students to already have a portfolio of works done when finishing our 4-month programs.

Beetroot Academy is now up and running in Poltava, Odessa, Kiev and Kramatorsk, and our first groups will be studying hard in Chernihiv very soon. Our courses in Kramatorsk, in Donetsk Oblast, has seen a particularly high interest with around 5 applicants per place, which made us increase the number of courses already from start. Worth noting, more now than ever, is that Beetroot Academy is run as a non-profit social enterprise. It should be long term, financially, self-sustainable (with student fees) but has the ultimate goal of increasing the amount of Ukrainian entering IT in Ukraine which helps both for increased living standards and developing the IT industry further. We have a particular focus on Mid-sized cities, Women in IT, IDPs and ATO veterans, all with proven good results, and are currently working on the financing of an ambitious plan to grow the Academy to 20 cities throughout Ukraine until 2019. You will see a lot of news during 2017 and we will continue to see the academy feeding Beetroot and other companies with well-trained professionals.

During 2016 we have also taken another big step forward in developing our network of partner teams in Ukraine and Moldova with whom we have successfully delivered plenty of wildly different projects, everything from Simple mobile applications to AI projects. We are currently working closely with a network of around 20 different teams who are all specialized in their particular field. Our ability to deliver in different technologies and with flexible setups is a strong complement in delivery for both existing and new clients.

In terms of sales, we have focused our efforts mainly on our key markets, Sweden, Israel and Ireland/UK. However, throughout the year we have worked with clients from more than 20 different countries! Except for being very exciting and enjoyable, working with people from new countries always brings in new angles and helps us to stay alert and flexible. We are looking forward to even more new kinds of clients in 2017, not only geographically but also in terms of technologies and business fields!

We would like to wish everyone all the best for this new year, no matter what exciting things 2017 will bring #beetrootoyourself

/Andreas & Gustav

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