Summer Survival Guide for Agencies

Beetroot’s short guide to surviving the WordPress summer.

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Step 1

Let it dawn on you that you’re almost alone in the office while all your WordPress developers are off enjoying their holidays. Probably in the Maldives, or you know, somewhere you’ve been wanting to go for quite some time.

Step 2

Take a desperate glance at your piled-up projects inbox, now gathering dust, waiting for the developers to come back.

Go make a coffee and see what else you can squeeze out of the company before you’re back to a diet of bread and water—low volume means low pay!

Step 3

Come to the realization that Beetroot’s WordPress team stands ready to deliver websites cost-efficiently, according to specification and fast.

Talk to us! We can’t help you restock that fruit basket, but we can produce fantastic WordPress websites for the summer and beyond.