Communicating a company’s core values and the little quirks that make it what it is, isn’t always easy. Just as it isn’t always easy to put the finger on what’s truly you. These things grow with the company, as it gets older, and only carry value if they’re genuine.

We decided to illustrate ours.



1. We’re like a family.

Working at Beetroot should be like working at home. We want you to be surrounded by people you sort of like, have the comforts you’re used to and to feel at ease.

2. We do stuff together.

Whether it’s beating each other in Mortal Kombat, achieving impossible positions in yoga or grabbing a beer after work, we like to be friends just as much as colleagues

3. Minimal hierarchy.

Although every client we work with has a slightly different approach, we try our best to create a workplace without formal managers or reporting pyramids.

4. Direct communication with clients.

We don’t have middle-managers “helping” you communicate with your clients. We believe you are smart and driven enough to take responsibility.

5. Self-management.

This is one of our most basic ground-rules: take responsibility for you work and always try your hardest to excel. Although clients have different approaches, and close team-work often is important for projects, Beetroot won’t micro-manage you. You’re managing yourself.

6. Flexibility.

A part of being responsible for your own work, is that you can enjoy quite a bit of flexibility – as long as your client is fine with it, of course.

7. No prestige.

#7 is our “don’t be an asshole” guideline. We leave our egos at the door and try our best to make the working environment a happier place for everyone around us.

8. Adding value through both culture and work.

One of our motivators is that we always try to find deeper value and true enjoyment in our work.  Beetroots often go out of their way to do fun things for and together with each other. We can achieve even more that way!

Doing nice things for each other is a perfectly fine way to add value. It’s not all about money or squeezing out work hours.

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