Welcome home

There's a difference between traditional outsourcing and building a real extension to your team - the Beetroot way.

We pride ourselves on a human-centered culture and good employer reputation in a country that's characterized by strong engineering tradition and ambition. Our goal is always to build a devoted and driven team in a space that feels like coming home, and to provide you with all the necessary know-how to steer the ship.

The cost-to-performance ratio matters

Since the very beginning, we have understood that transparency in costs and a lean organization are powerful ingredients to running a remote team efficiently.

You'll always find that we'll walk that extra mile to help you understand the costs involved in taking care of your team.

Minimal bureaucracy, no hassle

Few things are as frustrating as unnecessary bureaucracy, but for sanity's sake it's also important to do things right.

We place considerable value in clear, honest communication and will help you with all the experience we have to take the temperature on the team and to guide you towards the best possible outcome.

Your team should always feel and be close

Ukraine offers a cultural and geographical vicinity that matters.

It's relatively easy to fly into Ukraine from abroad for those regular team visits, and while the team might not share all your holidays, there is much more that unites than divides.

Achieve your goals in an ethical way

Beetroot is a social enterprise that aims to help talented Ukrainians enter the global IT market and build better lives.

You couldn't be in a better place than you are right now - you have the opportunity to achieve your goals and at the same time help a lot of great, passionate people.

Scale a team with a long-term perspective

Software developers

Build a team of developers with nearly any competence requirements.


Data operatives, content management or other essential capabilities.

Art & Design

Creative talent, ranging from analog and digital artists to web and UX designers.