The Beetroot Compendium on Dedicated Teams

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Building an external team is probably not the first thing to cross our minds as we start building a new product or business. We focus on funding, product specs and brand awareness, and tend to forget about finding good developers — which can be ridiculously difficult — even if they’re essential to the final results.

Here is a whitepaper, we’ve put together to portray our encompassing story about building external teams. It’s by no means complete since we are always learning and developing, but if you’re thinking about extending your team in a new location, country or continent — it’ll certainly be helpful.

With This Whitepaper You’ll Learn

  • How to Lead a Remote Team
  • Insights on Efficiency and Innovation
  • How NOT to Lead a Remote Team
  • How to Keep Your Team Motivated
  • Team Personalities

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The Beetroot Compendium on Dedicated Teams