Software developers

Build a team of developers with nearly any competence requirements.


Data operatives, content management or other essential capabilities.

Art & Design

Creative talent, ranging from analog and digital artists to web and UX designers.

The home of great teams

Whether you're a startup, scale-up or enterprise, odds are that it's getting harder and harder for you to hire developers and other top talent with long-term stability.

We specialize in building apps and other software solutions, as well as dedicated development teams, out of our homely offices in Ukraine. Beetroot was born from the idea that development abroad can be done in a very people-centered and integrated way that doesn't sacrifice the quality and longevity often associated with in-house teams.

A smart and strategic way of scaling up

Beetroot, today engaging 350 tech specialists in Ukraine, is driven by a strong trust in the individual. Our philosophy in building teams is strongly influenced by self-management, entrepreneurship and being the best version of yourself.

Unique, People-Centered Culture

A people-centered culture

We believe in creating a homely work environment where great people want to stay and create value for a long time.

Real Sustainability

Real Sustainability

For us, sustainability comes from creating work conditions with a long-term perspective. We champion mental health, a self-leadership mindset and reducing environmental impact.


Exceptional Geographical Footprint

We run R&D centers and Beetroot Academy, a network of technology schools, in 20 cities across Ukraine. We have trained an estimated 1% of Ukraine’s active IT workforce.

social impact

Creating Social Impact

As a social enterprise, we maximize social impact in Ukraine by expanding into mid-sized cities without prior tech spheres, through our academy network, and more.

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“Beetroot provides a calm and good working environment in which we know our guys enjoy working.”

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“The extended team and people you work with in Ukraine are like a part of your company and should be treated as part of your process.”

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“The main advantages of Beetroot are 3-fold: cost, reliability, and relationships.”

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