Software developers

Build a team of developers with nearly any competence requirements.


Data operatives, content management or other essential capabilities.

Art & Design

Creative talent, ranging from analog and digital artists to web and UX designers.

The home of great teams

Whether you're a small and growing company or already established, odds are that it's getting harder and harder for you to hire developers and other top talent at a reasonable cost.

Beetroot was born from the idea that building an extended team abroad can be done in a very people-centered, no-nonsense and integrated way that doesn't sacrifice the quality often associated with in-house teams.

We specialize in building teams of developers and other professionals from Ukraine in an environment that feels like home, for companies around the world.

A smart and strategic way of scaling up

Beetroot, today engaging 350 tech specialists in Ukraine, is driven by a strong trust in the individual. Our philosophy in building teams is strongly influenced by self-management, entrepreneurship and being the best version of yourself.


Trusted employer and brand network

When it comes to attracting and keeping talent engaged, it helps to partner up with a well-known and well-liked employer.



We choose to build teams in Ukraine because Ukrainian development offers incredible passion, skill and critical thinking, at very attractive market cost.


Unique, people-centered culture

It's our mutual interest to keep your extended team inspired and focused. We believe in creating a work environment that feels like home, and having a thoroughly human approach to people.


A rather Swedish signature

Our Swedish origin and team members probably won't revolutionize your world view, but just maybe they'll help add a touch of "lagom".

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“Beetroot provides a calm and good working environment in which we know our guys enjoy working.”

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“The extended team and people you work with in Ukraine are like a part of your company and should be treated as part of your process.”

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“The main advantages of Beetroot are 3-fold: cost, reliability, and relationships.”

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