Why Beetroot?

Beetroot is an IT company from Sweden with offices around the world. We specialize in building teams of developers and designers from Ukraine, for emerging tech companies and successful start-ups looking to sustainably scale their businesses.


Trusted employer brand & large network

We have a strong brand and hiring network in Ukraine.

Low hiring costs in Ukraine

Ukrainian salaries and Beetroot’s streamlined model offer a world-leading cost-to-competence ratio.

We take care of all overhead

Beetroot helps you with everything from hiring, to administration, team happiness and growth.

Unique, people-focused culture

We’re doing everything we can to be both a great partner to you and a human employer for the people we work with.

Minimal bureaucracy

We don’t add unnecessary layers of bureaucracy that impede communication.

Super-slimmed cost model

Beetroot has a lean, no-nonsense organizational structure that cuts down on unnecessary costs.

Our Swedish signature

We have permanent Swedish presence in Ukraine, championing our values and building closeness.

The Academy network

Our network of IT schools help us educate, build and scale junior or niche teams - fast.

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Our most eminent mission

  • To satisfy the growing, global demand for tech competency
  • To grow a new generation of novice talents into masters
  • To rejuvenate a stale industry with warmth, passion and borsch
  • To help forge a new Ukrainian middle class ?