Why Beetroot?

Beetroot is an IT company from Sweden with offices around the world. We specialize in building teams of developers and designers from Ukraine, for emerging tech companies and successful start-ups looking to sustainably scale their businesses.


We really care about our teams

As if they were family; being a top-rated employer means both happiness & low attrition

Our Swedish members are always on-site

It's important to bridge cultures and understand cultural quirks around the world

Nothing beats Ukraine

In a competence vs. cost comparison

Our ambitious Beetroot Academy students

They are a unique complement to our senior talent

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Our most eminent mission

  • To satisfy the growing, global demand for tech competency
  • To grow a new generation of novice talents into masters
  • To rejuvenate a stale industry with warmth, passion and borsch
  • To help forge a new Ukrainian middle class ?